Can I Install A Lift Kit Myself?

Do I need an alignment after installing a rough country leveling kit?

ALWAYS get an alignment as soon as possible after lifting.

Failure to do so will result in faster wear and tear of your tires.

Tighten all hardware after the first 500 miles after installation.

After that, it is recommended that you check hardware every oil-change and tighten up if necessary..

Do lift kits affect steering?

A body lift uses blocks and spacers to lift the body 2-3 inchers higher on the frame without altering the suspension. … Something to keep in mind, is that stability and driving dynamics can be affected because your vehicle will now have a higher center of gravity and altered steering and suspension geometry.

How often do lifted trucks need alignment?

2 times a yearJust like any routine vehicle maintenance, wheel alignments should be performed 1-2 times a year, depending on the driver. Scheduling annual alignments will save you more money in the long run.

Is a 2 inch lift worth it?

Yes a 2″ lift is worth it, think of it this way… On a tourer it enables you to get to more places or the same places with less risk of sill and under carriage damage, it also increases your take off and departure angles which is a plus.

Does a 2 inch lift make a difference?

If you raise the front only between 2 or 2 ½ inches, you’re leveling. It brings the front and rear tires level and brings the face up. The truck loses its nose-to-the-ground look and replaces it with a front-and-center stare.

Does a 3 inch lift make a difference?

Body lifts only raise the body so there is no change in the distance between the bottom of your vehicle and the ground. A suspension lift raises every part of the vehicle so a 3 inch suspension lift nets you 3 inches of ground clearance.

Do you need an alignment after a lift kit?

You always have to get an alignment after lifting/lowering since it changes suspension angles. You won’t save any money when you ruin your tires.