How Many Miles Does Jeep Compass Last?

Which Jeep Compass model is best?

Jeep Compass Variants Price ListBase Model.

Compass 1.4 Sport Plus.


16.49 Lakh*Most Selling.

Compass 2.0 Limited Plus.


22.43 Lakh*Top Petrol.

Compass 1.4 Limited Plus.


21.92 Lakh*Top Diesel.

Compass 2.0 Limited Plus AT.


24.99 Lakh*Top Automatic.

Compass 2.0 Limited Plus AT.


24.99 Lakh*.

Is Jeep Compass good in snow?

Yes, the Jeep Compass is a safe vehicle that does well in the snow when equipped with the Jeep all-wheel-drive system. The Compass model comes with standard front-wheel drive, so you will want to upgrade if safety in snowy conditions is a concern. There is a lot more about the Jeep Compass you should know.

What is the best Jeep to buy?

The Top 5 Jeep Models To Buy In 2019: An In Depth Guide2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Four doors, five seats, plenty of trunk space, top-rated off-roading and safety features. … 2019 Jeep Compass. The 2019 Jeep Compass is truly that: a compass. … 2018 Jeep Wrangler. The Jeep Wrangler is the “Editor’s Choice” over on Car & Driver. … 2019 Jeep Renegade. … 2019 Jeep Cherokee.

Why are Jeeps bad?

Other issues include poor handling and limited comfort and though neither of these has much to do with dependability they have a bearing on overall satisfaction. Jeep has also said that the reason that the Wrangler has been found to have a low dependability rating is due to the fact that owners romanticise the model.

What is the best SUV to buy?

Best SUVs OverallMazda CX-5.Honda HR-V.Honda CR-V.Mazda CX-3.Acura RDX.

Is the Jeep Compass a reliable car?

Overall, Consumer Reports gave the 2018 Compass a reliability rating of 11%, the lowest of all SUVs in its segment. The 2019 and 2020 models of the Compass have a higher predicted reliability score of about 3 out of 5, but that may change as owners drive their Compasses around some more.

Which is better xuv500 or Jeep Compass?

13.57 Lakh. The claimed mileage of Jeep Compass (Diesel Model) is 17.1 kmpl where as claimed mileage of Mahindra XUV500 (Diesel Model) is 15.1 kmpl….Jeep Compass vs Mahindra XUV500 Comparison.Key HighlightsCompassXUV500Power173bhp152.87bhp@3750rpmMileage17.1 Kmpl15.1 Kmpl3 more rows

Do Jeep Compass have a lot of problems?

Despite the popularity of the Jeep Compass, it is not without its problems. As with any vehicle model, there have been issues that have turned up over the years. Particularly in the older models of the Jeep Compass, many drivers have had issues that have caused them to head to the mechanic with some steep repair bills.

Is the 2020 Jeep Compass a good car?

The verdict: The 2020 Jeep Compass — especially in off-road-ready Trailhawk trim — has the potential to be one of the spiciest models in a bland compact SUV class, but with an anemic powertrain and embarrassing fuel economy, it has lost its way. … The Compass comes in Sport, Latitude, Limited and Trailhawk trim levels.

What is similar to a Jeep Compass?

10 Jeep Compass Competitors2018 Ford Escape. … 2018 Mazda CX-5. … 2018 Subaru Crosstrek. … 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. … 2018 Nissan Rogue. … 2018 Toyota RAV4. … 2018 Honda CR-V. … 2018 GMC Terrain.More items…

Is it worth buying Jeep Compass?

The Jeep Compass doesn’t offer you low running costs as well since Jeep’s fuel economy is not so good. … The Compass diesel-automatic is really a big deal for that price tags. And if you are having around Rs 20 Lakh to spend on an SUV, the Compass can never be a bad idea.

Which model of Jeep Compass is value for money?

The Jeep Compass petrol is available in 3 main variants – Sport Plus, Longitude Plus and Limited Plus. The Sport Plus is the most affordable option and it’s only available with a 6-speed manual transmission for Rs. 16.49 lakh (ex-showroom).

Is Jeep Compass a luxury car?

But this SUV’s fundamentals are so strong, it’s difficult not to compare it with costlier cars like the VW Tiguan. The Compass may indeed be the value luxury SUV you have been waiting for.

Which is better Jeep Cherokee or Jeep Compass?

While both options are Jeeps and therefore better than most compact SUVs when it comes to hitting the trails, the Cherokee takes the edge in this category. The Cherokee offers 3 available 4-wheel drive systems compared to just two on the Compass. Both SUVs offer 4×4 options as well as a Trailhawk trim level.