Question: Are Adam And Blake Still Friends?

Does Blake miss Adam?

Blake Shelton is missing Adam Levine.

The Maroon 5 frontman walked away from “The Voice” after 16 seasons, leaving Shelton as the last original coach on the NBC singing competition.

He’s competing this season against Levine’s replacement, Gwen Stefani, reigning champ John Legend and Kelly Clarkson..

Do they get paid to be on the voice?

Voice contestants have the opportunity to win a $100,000 grand prize and a recording contract, but they are not paid. They are reportedly given a living stipend but that’s it.

What did Blake say to Gwen?

That is until he flubbed his words after he and his girlfriend Gwen Stefani performed during the “ACM Presents: Our Country special.” After finishing their duet “Nobody But You” for the CBS special, Blake attempted to give a sweet sendoff to the viewers. “Say stace, everybody. We love you,” he said.

Are Blake and Adam really friends?

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine had a great friendship on ‘The Voice’ While working together on The Voice, Shelton and Levine built a strong friendship. They’re so close that their relationship is often referred to as a “Bromance,” although they’ve denied that term applies to them. … “We’re just friends.

Who is Blake Shelton’s best friend?

Trace AdkinsTrace Adkins, another country legend, is a very close friend of Blake Shelton’s, making him an easy in for him and Gwen’s circle. Not only have the two been longtime friends, but they have performed alongside one another on numerous occasions.

Why did Adam leave the voice?

Adam Levine, one of the original coaches on The Voice, announced back in May that season 16 would be his last. … On Monday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Levine finally revealed the reason for his exit: so he could be a stay-at-home dad to his two adorable baby girls.

Who is the highest paid voice coach?

Blake Shelton: $31.5 million. Blake Shelton makes most of his millions from his gig as a judge on “The Voice.” … Jason Aldean: $32.5 million. … Florida Georgia Line: $34.5 million (tie) … Toby Keith: $34.5 million (tie) … Dolly Parton: $37 million. … Luke Bryan: $42 million. … Kenny Chesney: $42.5 million. … Garth Brooks: $60 million.

Did Katie Kadan win The Voice?

Where Is ‘The Voice’ Runner-Up, Katie Kadan, Now? … When it came down to the final four singers in the finale, Katie ended up getting third place in the competition, which is a travesty and we are still petitioning for a recount. The win went to Tennessee singer Jake Hoot.

Why isn’t Gwen Stefani on the voice anymore?

It was first announced in Oct. 2019 that Gwen Stefani was leaving The Voice (again), after returning to the NBC reality series for season 17. But there’s no drama behind her decision: she simply has another commitment in Las Vegas that needs her full attention.

Has Adam Levine left the voice?

Levine announced that he wouldn’t be returning to The Voice in May. After 16 seasons as a coach on the singing competition series, Levine decided to exit call it quits, and Gwen Stefani would be taking his seat. The Voice host Carson Daly announced the news, saying it was Levine’s decision to leave the show.