Question: How To Clean Jeep Soft Top

Can you take a hard top jeep through a carwash?

The Jeep Wrangler is made to withstand brutal conditions, so I would not be concerned about pulling it through the car wash based on the type of vehicle.

You could go to a touchless auto car wash but honestly hand washing is the best way especially with a nice new Jeep.

You may also consider a clear coat sealant..

How long does Jeep soft top last?

3-5 yearsA: This depends on how often you drive your Jeep, how the vehicle is stored, if the Jeep top is removed frequently and many other factors. As a rule of thumb, the average life of a Jeep soft top is 3-5 years.

Can I power wash my jeep engine?

I wouldn’t use a pressure washer but some mild degreaser and water from a regular hose will work just fine. … A water hose on a cold engine to rinse off degreaser is fine. Pressure washing is a bad idea around seals, bearings, connectors or anywhere else you don’t want 1000+ psi of water to get into.

Can you power wash a soft top?

Wash the convertible top To properly clean a convertible top, spray it down with a hose or a pressure washer. If you use a pressure washer, just remember to hold it about a foot away so that the pressure isn’t too strong. Fortunately, the water should remove about 70 percent of the dirt and dust.

Is Armor All waterproof?

It is not water proof. When you first put it on rain might bead up but it doesnt last. It does help protect your cover and keep it looking new. Just like Armorall you have a shine at first but it doesn’t last but it does help protect your vinyl or leather covers.

Are soft tops OK in winter?

First off, if you are wondering, it is perfectly ok to use a soft top in the winter. … It is also unwise, he says, to roll-up your vinyl windows during the winter months, or even trying to zipper them open, as the plastic windows can shatter like glass when cold.

Can you take a soft top Jeep Wrangler through a car wash?

Letting a car wash clean your soft-top Jeep Wrangler is a bad idea. It’s not recommended at all by auto experts and long-time owners. … Touchless and hand car wash services are safer than automatic ones with big brushes. Brushes, whether they have soft or hard bristles, can hold debris that can ruin tops and windows.

How do you clean plastic windows on a Jeep?

The easiest way to clean your Jeep plastic windows is to use mild dishwashing liquid and warm water and a soft clean terry cloth. Rinse them well and dry with a soft clean terry cloth. Apply a protectant to extend the life of your plastic/vinyl windows.

Can a rag top go through a carwash?

However, when it comes to taking your car through the car wash, convertibles might create a few problems. Because of the high pressure power of the sprays and the delicate nature of the canvas cover that protects your convertible’s interior, it’s not recommended to take them through the automatic car wash.

Can you pressure wash Jeep soft top?

Your top can handle a little bit of the old H2O, just don’t blast it with a power washer. Jeep recommends against using any power washers of 1,200 PSI or higher on the Wrangler’s body. We recommend being even more prudent with the soft top.

Can you use Armor All on Jeep soft top?

Do NOT use Armor-All on your top. If you have the Haartz fabric top I wouldn’t use Armor All. If you have a Sailcloth top the outer layer is rubber so I don’t see what harm Armor All could have on it?

Does Armor All protect vinyl?

Armor All® Protectant is the market leader in providing protection to vinyl, rubber and plastic car surfaces. Not only does regular use of Armor All® Original Protectant guard against UV damage, fading and discoloration, but the product also delivers outstanding shine.

Can you use Windex on Jeep soft top windows?

When washing your soft top jeep window, do not, under any circumstance, use an alcohol or ammonia based cleaning solution like Fantastik, Windex, or Formula 409. These substances will make the plastic dry and brittle, leading to discoloration and cracks.

Can you use Windex on vinyl windows?

Water-based cleaners such as Windex or Lysol can be used to clean the interior of your vinyl windows. You should only spray a small amount onto the window and then remove the cleaner using a soft cloth.

Can you use vinegar to clean vinyl windows?

Create a simple cleaning solution by mixing 1-1/2 cups of distilled white vinegar with one gallon of warm water (pro tip: Add the juice of half a lemon to this to mask the vinegar odor) or mix a teaspoon of mild soap in a gallon of warm water. … Use a soft sponge or a lint-free cloth to clean the vinyl windows.

How do you get mold off a Jeep soft top?

It’s also a good idea to apply the mildew remover directly to a nylon scrub brush first and then proceed to thoroughly work the cleaner into the surface. Do not apply the cleaner directly to the top. And always be sure to rinse thoroughly after cleaning.

Can armorall be used on plastic?

The protectant penetrates the surface of the dashboard and can provide shine and UV protection to help extend the life of your plastic surfaces. Make sure to clean the surface with an Armor All® Protectant.