Question: Is Lizzo In Commercial?

What commercial is lizzo?

Grubhub commercial Lizzo | Lizzo – Good as Hell Lizzo’s woman to woman pep talk song featured in Grubhub’s latest ad is titled Good as Hell..

Is lizzo in a Walmart commercial?

Featuring a song by the singer Lizzo, this new November Walmart TV commercial promotes the store as the only place to shop this Black Friday, with offers starting online on Wednesday 11/27 at 10pm ET.

Did lizzo do the Old Navy commercial?

While the retailer uses her song, Lizzo herself is not featured in the ads. Instead, a Lizzo sound-alike female voiceover, Fritswa Baffour, provides the voice for the new lyrics.

What is the song on the new Walmart commercial?

Walmart TV Commercial, ‘All You Need’ Song by Aretha Franklin –

Who sings the song I just took a DNA test?

LizzoTruth Hurts/Artists

Who sings the song on the Grubhub commercial?

Fatboy SlimGrubhub TV Commercial, ‘Reward Yourself’ Song by Fatboy Slim.