Question: Is Tom T Hall Still Alive And How Old Is He?

What age is Tom T Hall?

84 years (May 25, 1936)Tom T.


When did Dixie Hall die?

January 16, 2015Iris Dixie Dean/Date of death

Who wrote How I Got to Memphis?

Tom T. HallThat’s How I Got to Memphis/Composers

What was Tom T Hall’s biggest hit?

He has written 12 No. 1 hit songs, with 26 more that reached the Top 10, including the No. 1 international pop crossover smash “Harper Valley PTA” and the hit “I Love”, which reached No….Tom T. HallWebsitewww.tomthall.net11 more rows

Who sang Harper Valley PTA?

Jeannie C. RileyHarper Valley Pta/Artists

Where was Tom Hall born and raised?

Olive Hill, Kentucky, United StatesTom T. Hall/Place of birth

Is Country singer Tom T Hall still alive?

Fans will remember that Miss Dixie passed in January of 2015 at the age of 80, but Tom T. is still going strong! The caption in the paper read, “Dixie Hall, 80, a prolific bluegrass songwriter, is pictured with husband, Tom T Hall. They have both passed away.”

How old is Bobby Bare?

85 years (April 7, 1935)Bobby Bare/Age

How old is Bill Anderson the singer?

83 years (November 1, 1937)Bill Anderson/Age

Who wrote Little Bitty?

Tom T. HallLittle Bitty/Composers

Does Tom T Hall still tour?

Hall tour dates & tickets 2020-2021.

Who wrote Watermelon Wine?

Tom T. Hall(Old Dogs Children and) Watermelon Wine/ComposersHall – Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine. Known to his fans as ‘The Storyteller,’ due to his song writing ability, Tom. T Hall has written eleven number one hit songs and many more which reached the top ten position in the charts.