Question: What Axles Are In My Jeep TJ?

What does TJ mean on a jeep?

Jeep WranglerThe Jeep Wrangler (TJ) is the second generation of the Jeep Wrangler off-road and sport utility vehicle.

Introduced in 1996 as a 1997 model, the TJ reintroduced the circular headlights the classic Jeep models had been known for..

What jeeps have Dana 44 axles?

1967–1973 Jeepster Commando and Commando.1974–1991 Wagoneer (Passenger side 1974-1979, Driver side 1980-1991)1974–1983 SJ.2003–2006 TJ Wrangler Rubicon (Front and rear)2007-2018 JK Wrangler Rubicon (Front and rear)2018-2019 JL Wrangler Rubicon (Front and rear)2020 JT Gladiator (Front and rear)More items…

How do I know if I have Dana 44 axles?

There are a few things that can help you tell if the axle is a Dana 35 or a Dana 44. The easiest way to tell these axles apart is to look at the shape of the differential cover. The Dana 35 cover is pretty much perfectly round. The Dana 44 is sort of a six-sided shape.

Is a Dana 30 strong?

Yes, you can get better parts, stronger joints and axles and you may be able to bring a 30 up to a stock 44 for strength, but do the same to a 44 and your still gonna be beefier. … Dude, the Dana 30 is THE BEST axle that was ever built by Dana. It’s stronger than a 44, 60, or Dana 70 from a 1/2 ton truck.

Are Dana 35 axles good?

Make no mistake, a built Dana 35 is a strong and capable axle. Obviously not as strong as a build Dana 44 (or similar), but if you’re not going to be running anything larger than 33″ tires, a built Dana 35 should suit you just fine.

What jeeps have Dana 30 axles?

Comanche, Cherokee, and Grand Cherokee Dana 30 The Comanche (MJ) and Cherokee (XJ) use a reverse cut Dana 30 and the Grand Cherokee (ZJ) uses a normal cut Dana 30. Like the YJ and the TJ, these axles use a 5 on 4.5″ wheel bolt pattern. All of these trucks use coil springs up front.

Can a Dana 30 handle 35s?

Yes, you may twist your axle housing or explode the carrier running 35s, but you could do just the same running 33s. … Dana 30 (and 44) JK frontends will also benefit greatly from the installation of HD ball joints, axle shafts, and extra housing reinforcement, such as a truss.

What does Dana 60 mean?

Gross axle weightThe Dana/Spicer Model 60 is an automotive axle manufactured by Dana Holding Corporation and used in OEM pickup and limited passenger car applications by Chevrolet, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ford and Land Rover. … Gross axle weight ratings are often lowered by the vehicle manufacturer for safety and tire reasons.

What is the best year Jeep TJ?

There technically wasn’t a “new” Wrangler produced in 1996. Each generation Wrangler has its list of pros and cons. For those looking for a secondary vehicle that will be capable off-road while still easy-to-handle on-road, the ’97-’06 TJ is usually the best fit.

What is the most reliable jeep engine?

3.6LHere is our list of the best Jeep motors on the market. The 3.6L tops the list for a few key reasons. A. With around a decade under its belt the 3.6L has proven to be an incredibly reliable motor that produces solid horse power and incredible torque.

Are Jeep TJ reliable?

Consumer Reports gave the 2019 Jeep Wrangler only a 12/100 in terms of reliability. It also made the top three of the website’s Least Reliable Vehicles of 2019 list. Reviews acknowledged the truck’s great off-roading prowess and its incredible engine.

Does a Dana 44 have C clips?

NO Dana 44 has c-clips. The axle retainers are pressed onto the ends of the shafts. You can see them behind the brake drum.

Can a Dana 30 Handle 37 inch tires?

FRONT DANA 30+37s No matter what you have read, there really is no way to make a Dana 30 reliably take on tough trails with 37-inch tires. Eventually something is going to break and keep on breaking. Even with all the above mods, the Dana 30s tiny ring and pinion, thin tubes, and weak shafts aren’t going to hold up.

Is the Dana 44 strong?

It used to be that the Dana 44 was considered to be a fairly stout axle. But as trails got tougher and tires got larger, the 44 got dumped in favor of even stronger hardware. But the Dana 44 is a pretty stout piece, and many companies offer parts to make your 44 even stronger than it now is.

How do I know if I have a Dana 30 or Dana 44?

The only difference between the JK Dana 30 and Dana 44 is ring gear size, electronic locker, and bigger shafts. You’re better off just starting with an aftermarket Dana 44 that is a “true 44”. With the cost difference between a base Wrangler and a Rubicon, you could get aftermarket Dana 60 axles with lockers.

What axles are in my Jeep?

All four-door JK Wrangler original owners do have Dana 44s under the rear end. Currently, if you have purchased the new JL Wrangler, you have Dana 30 front and Dana 35 rear axles, unless you specifically bought one with upgraded Dana 44s. All Rubicon JL owners have a Dana 44 front and rear axle.

What is the stock gear ratio in Jeep Wrangler TJ?

The stock gear ratio tends to vary depending on the year and package your Jeep has. Some of the possible ratios include 3.07, 3.55, 3.73, and 4.10. Wranglers that are equipped with the Rubicon package typically come with the 4.10 gear set in their Dana 44 axles.

Are Dana 44 axles good?

Both left- and right-side pinion versions are common and lots of parts interchange between different 4x4s that used some version of the Dana 44. It has a good cost-to-strength ratio and can be easily upgraded in many areas because it has plenty of aftermarket support.