Question: What Is A Premium SUV At Enterprise?

How much does it cost to rent a SUV from Enterprise?

Cheap SUV Rentals in EnterpriseCompact SUV$44/dayIntermediate SUV$52/dayIntermediate SUV$52/dayStandard SUV$54/dayStandard SUV$54/day1 more row.

What is considered a premium car?

Premium and luxury vehicles are generally equipped with the most up-to-date and highest level technology and safety features that are not standard in all cars. … Additionally, luxury and premium cars typically have high-end materials and finishes on the interior and exterior of the car.

Do you tip enterprise drivers?

Most Enterprise drivers don’t expect a tip, so it’s a pleasant surprise. They should be tipped just like cab drivers.

What is the difference between a full size SUV and a premium SUV?

What’s the difference between a premium and standard SUV? A premium SUV rental offers more space and features than a standard SUV. While a standard SUV usually seats 5 people, a premium SUV has room for 7-8 passengers and offers more bells and whistles.

What is a premium crossover at Enterprise?

Crossover Premium Details A Crossover Premium, such as a Volkswagen Atlas or similar, seats up to 7 passengers and holds 4 bags. Its spacious cabin is perfect for a family vacation. See all luxury rental cars.

What luxury SUVs does Enterprise Rent?

Luxury Elite SUV Choose from a variety of Luxury Elite SUVs including: Audi Q7, Jaguar F Pace, Mercedes Benz GLE 350, Land Rover Evoque. Check rates and availability now.