Question: What Oil Does Mopar Recommend?

Can 5w30 be used instead of 5w20?

Due to the increased resistance of the thicker 5W-30 oil, your engine will produce slightly lower fuel economy and horsepower output.

You also risk engine damage when using 5W-30 instead of 5W-20, as the internal engine components are specifically designed to be used with 5W-20 motor oil..

Which oil is better 5w30 or 10w30?

A higher viscosity oil, such as 10w30, will flow slower at low temperatures compared to a lower viscosity oil like 5w30. … A higher viscosity or thicker oil will seal better than a low viscosity oil. A thicker oil will also provide better lubrication of critical engine parts.

Can I use 10w40 instead of 5w30?

The recommended oil viscosity for your vehicle, according to Kia documentation, is 10W-40. If you drive the vehicle in exceptionally cold weather, well below 32 degrees, you can use 5W-30 oil but even 10W-40 is still perfectly OK to use if outdoor temperatures are below freezing.

Should I use thicker oil in a high mileage engine?

A: Yes. This is a practical method to improve oil pressure in an older, high-mileage engine. The slightly thicker oil film from the heavier base weight oil – 10W – can help protect worn engine bearings as well.

How long is synthetic oil good for?

Although recommended oil change intervals vary by vehicle manufacturer, in general, a good rule of thumb to follow is to change conventional motor oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. “If you’re using full synthetic oil, we recommend going about 7,500 between changes,” says Leo Jay of Dere Auto in Seattle.

What oil brand does Dodge use?

Mobil 1Dodge engine oil – Mobil 1™

What oil should I use in my 2017 Ram 1500?

the suggested oil type for the 2017 ram 1500 is a full synthetic at sae 5w-20 viscosity for the two gasoline engines. the 3.6l v6 engine oil capacity is 5.9 quarts and the 5.7l v8 engine is 7 quarts. the 3.0l v6 diesel engine uses full synthetic at 0w-40 and takes 10.6 quarts of oil.

How many miles can a Hemi engine last?

5.7 Hemi engines are good for 250-300 000 miles and more if properly cared for and regular maintenance is carried out.

What oil do Jeep dealers use?

PennzoilPennzoil® is the only motor oil recommended by the Jeep® brand in North America.

How much oil goes in a 5.7 Hemi?

the manual says 7 qts in 5.7 hemi on my 2015 ram. the ram 1500 oil capacity is 6 quarts for 3.6l v6 engine and 7 quarts for the 5.7l v8.

What is the best 5w20 synthetic oil?

Best 5W20 Oil#1. 5W20 Quaker State Ultimate Durability, API SN, GM Dexos 1 Approved, Synthetic – 121,396 PSI. … #2. 5W20 Valvoline MaxLife High Mileage, API SN, Dexos 1 Approved, Synthetic Blend – 114,125 PSI. … #3. 5W20 Castrol Edge with Titanium, API SN – 99,983 PSI. … #4. 5W20 Castrol GTX,API SN, Conventional – 95,543 PSI. … #5. … #6. … #7. … #8.More items…•

Is the 5.7 Hemi engine reliable?

In general, the third-generation Hemi V8s don’t have any significant design flaws, and the 5.7L version is a solid reliable engine. Many owners are faced with a strange ticking sound in the 5.7L Hemi engine coming from the valvetrain, which, however, does not affect anything.

What oil is best for my vehicle?

Our pick for the best motor oil is Mobil 1 High Mileage 10W-30 Motor Oil. It’s one of the best synthetic oils for high-mileage vehicles, reduces leaks, and minimizes sludge buildup. For a less expensive option, consider the Valvoline High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor Oil.

Who makes Mopar motor oil?

ExxonMobilMopar Motor Oil is made by ExxonMobil. Mobil made it for years, even before the merger with Exxon. Mobil also makes OEM-branded oils for GM, Honda, Toyota, CAT, Detroit Diesel, etc. etc.

Is full synthetic oil worth it?

Synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil but offers superior protection for your car’s engine. So if you can afford the extra cost, you should choose synthetic oil — and if your car requires it, you must use it. …

Does Dodge recommend synthetic oil?

Synthetic oils will enhance the engine protection in older vehicles just as they do for new engines. … Pennzoil synthetic oil does NOT void the warranty of your Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge or Ram and in fact, Pennzoil synthetic is the recommended oil in all their vehicles.

Can you use regular oil after using synthetic oil?

Synthetic oils typically provide better protection than conventional oils, but switching back and forth between full synthetic and conventional oil will not damage the engine.

Is synthetic oil the same as full synthetic?

There are different types of synthetic oil: synthetic blend oil and full synthetic oil. Here’s the difference. Synthetic blend oil is a mix of conventional motor oils and synthetic base stocks. … Full synthetic oil uses a synthetic base stock mixed with a variety of additives that boost the performance of the oil.

How many miles is 5w20 oil good for?

20,000 milesProtects for up to 20,000 miles between oil changes† Mobil 1 Extended Performance High Mileage 5W-20 advanced full synthetic motor oil is designed to protect critical engine parts for up to 20,000 miles between oil changes* and help extend the life of vehicles with more than 75,000 miles.

What is the best oil to use in a 5.7 Hemi?

The official recommendation for the best oil for the 5.7 hemi engine is API certified SAE 5w-20 engine oil. As long as you get engine oil which meets the specific viscosity grade rating of 5w-20, the brand name does not really matter.

What is the best oil to use in a Dodge Ram 1500?

the dodge ram 1500 prefers sae 5w-20, fully synthetic motor oil in its tank to run smoothly.