Question: Who Does The Voice For Simply Almond Milk?

How much is Donald Sutherland worth?

Donald Sutherland Net Worth: Donald Sutherland is a Canadian actor who has a net worth of $60 million.

Sutherland has garnered widespread critical acclaim throughout his decades-long career, and he has been called one of the greatest actors without an Academy Award nomination to his name..

How tall is Keifer Sutherland Really?

1.75 mKiefer Sutherland/Height

Who is the voice of the Rolex commercial?

McShaneRolex is prominently featured in the ad, for which McShane is also the commercial spokesman, and Rolex is also the official timepiece of the PGA Tour.

Who is the voice in the Kia commercials?

Melissa McCarthyIf you’ve been watching TV these last few nights, chances are you’ve caught a glimpse of the all-new 2017 Kia Niro in one of the two 15-second commercial clips. You’re probably familiar with the voiceover of the commercials because it’s Emmy Award Winner Melissa McCarthy.

Who does the voiceover for Simply Orange?

actor Donald SutherlandSince 2002, actor Donald Sutherland has been the voice-over spokesman for the Simply brand of juices and juice drinks, in a series of popular television commercials.

Who narrates the open commercial?

Donald SutherlandDonald Sutherland – Other Works – IMDb.

Who does the Arby’s voice?

Ving RhamesThe voice in the ads is none other than accomplished and well known Golden Globe winning actor, Ving Rhames!

How old is Donald Sutherland the actor?

85 years (July 17, 1935)Donald Sutherland/Age

Does Donald Sutherland do the Simply Orange commercials?

Sutherland has voiced all commercials for the Orange Juice Brand, SIMPLYORANGE. … Sutherland for these wonderful spots about these terrific Orange drinks.

Where does Donald Sutherland live now?

Sutherland was made an Officer of the Order of Canada on 18 December 1978 and promoted to Companion of the Order of Canada in 2019. He was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2000. He maintains a home in Georgeville, Quebec. Sutherland has been married three times.

Who is the voice of boar’s head?

Kevin Michael RichardsonKevin Michael RichardsonBornOctober 25, 1964 The Bronx, New York CityOther namesKevin M. RichardsonOccupationActorYears active1992–present2 more rows