Quick Answer: Can Dana 30 Handle 35 Tires?

Will a Dana 35 Handle 35 tires?

The short answer is ‘no’, I would not run 35″ tires on a stock Dana 35c axle.

The OE axle shafts are just not up to that big of a tire or 33″ tires with a locker.

You can run 35″ tires with a D35 if you stay on-road only..

What is the difference between a Dana 30 and Dana 35?

The Dana 30 will only be found as a Jeep front axle while the Dana 35 will only be found as a rear axle on Wranglers. Dana 35 axles have earned a very poor reputation in the off-roading world, however, it is a great axle for stock Wranglers.

How do you tell if I have a Dana 35?

There are a few things that can help you tell if the axle is a Dana 35 or a Dana 44. The easiest way to tell these axles apart is to look at the shape of the differential cover. The Dana 35 cover is pretty much perfectly round. The Dana 44 is sort of a six-sided shape.

Is Dana 44 better than 60?

The Dana 44 axles use u-joints that measure 2.18 inches from snap ring to snap ring. The Dana 60 axle uses u-joints that measure three inches from snap ring to snap ring. The Dana 60 has a larger ring gear, larger axle tubes, larger axle shafts, and overall is much stronger.

Can you run 40s on a Dana 30?

You would be surprised how strong the dana 30 is. You would be fine driving it on 40’s. I , like every one else here would say the d 30 won’t last with 40s .

What is the largest tire you can run on a stock JK?

If you stay on paved roads, smaller tires are better choices than large ones. If you take it on mud, then you should consider a lift and larger, wider tires. But, if you do not want to invest in a lift, then the largest tires you can put on your JK or JL are 33 inches.

How can you tell the difference between Dana axles?

Numbers. The Bill of Material (BOM) number is used to identify Dana differentials. The BOM will identify the model number, the gear ratio, the type of differential, and all component parts. Traditional BOM’s are 6 digits followed by 1 or 2 digits and start with the numbers 60 or 61.

Are Dana 35 axles good?

Make no mistake, a built Dana 35 is a strong and capable axle. Obviously not as strong as a build Dana 44 (or similar), but if you’re not going to be running anything larger than 33″ tires, a built Dana 35 should suit you just fine.

What gear ratio is a Dana 35?

4.10 Gear RatioDana 35 Rear Axle Ring and Pinion Gear Kit; 4.10 Gear Ratio (87-06 Jeep Wrangler YJ & TJ)

Is a Dana 30 strong?

Yes, you can get better parts, stronger joints and axles and you may be able to bring a 30 up to a stock 44 for strength, but do the same to a 44 and your still gonna be beefier. … Dude, the Dana 30 is THE BEST axle that was ever built by Dana. It’s stronger than a 44, 60, or Dana 70 from a 1/2 ton truck.

What vehicles have a Dana 35?

The Dana 35 (as well as the AMC-15) are found in a wide variety of vehicles; the most common Dana 35 applications are as a rear axle in the Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Comanche. It also is a common front axle in the Ford Explorer.

Why are Dana 35 a weak axle?

Most probably this is because the axle tube is bent and putting too much stress on the axle shaft itself, that will break any shaft over time no matter what the housing. You have to wonder what somone is doing to bend a tube! the TJ D44 had the same tubes, keep that in mind if planning an upgrade.

Which is a better axle Dana 35 or AMC 20?

The AMC 20 has a better starting point then the Dana 35. The ring gear is larger then a Dana 44’s ring gear. Yes the tubes are weak and will bend (I know!!!) under heavy stress.

Can a Dana 30 Handle 37 inch tires?

FRONT DANA 30+37s No matter what you have read, there really is no way to make a Dana 30 reliably take on tough trails with 37-inch tires. Eventually something is going to break and keep on breaking. Even with all the above mods, the Dana 30s tiny ring and pinion, thin tubes, and weak shafts aren’t going to hold up.

Can you make a Dana 35 strong?

There are two options when upgrading the 35 shafts. … The kit replaces the smallish shafts with 1.31-inch 30-spline pieces that are over 35 percent stronger than stock. These are the same size as the shafts found in many Dana 44s and even some Dana 60s!

Can Dana 44 Handle 37?

The Dana 44 can handle 37’s especially if you upgrade to 33 spline axles. I have seen it done several times and the 33 spline axle shafts are quite strong indeed! Where do the front outer axles come into play with 37″s? The Dana 44’s will work IF you upgrade the gears in them to 5:13’s or better.

How do I know if my Dana 35 is a limited slip?

All you have to do is jack the rear end up, put the tranny in neutral, and spin one wheel with your hand. If the other wheel spins the same way it’s a limited slip, opposite way it’s an open diff. If you floor it and it spins both tires, you got a good posi.

Is the Dana 44 strong?

It used to be that the Dana 44 was considered to be a fairly stout axle. But as trails got tougher and tires got larger, the 44 got dumped in favor of even stronger hardware. But the Dana 44 is a pretty stout piece, and many companies offer parts to make your 44 even stronger than it now is.