Quick Answer: Can I Fit 33 Inch Tires On My Silverado?

Will 33 inch tires fit f150 with leveling kit?

There is not much required to fit 33” tires on your F-150.

A great option would be a Leveling kit, which is both economical and functional, and will allow you the clearance needed to fit larger than stock tires..

What’s the biggest tires on a stock GMC Sierra?

Sierra Factory Tire Size RangeMinimum Tire: 245/70/17 (30.50 inch)Maximum Tire: 275/55/20 (31.91 inch)

Will bigger tires hurt my truck?

Tires are essential to your truck’s performance and safety. … A larger tire size can make your truck look and perform better in some situations. But changing tire size too much can affect speedometer and odometer accuracy, handling, steering response as well as safety issues such as tire load capacity.

Can you fit 33 inch tires on a leveling kit?

The first option is a level kit. Level kits essentially add anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of height to the front of the vehicle. … This allows us to fit 33 inch tires on most half ton trucks like F-150’s or 1500’s and sometimes up to 35 inch tires on a F-250 and up or 2500 and up.

How big of a lift do I need for 33 tires?

A 2.5″ suspension lift coupled with a 1.25″ body lift is adequate for 33’s. The body lift will give you the needed clearance so the tires don’t destroy your fenders at full stuff, otherwise you’ll need to add more bump stop extension, which lessons your up travel. Up travel is important for better ride quality.

Do you need to do an alignment after a leveling kit?

Yes, your 4×4 will need an alignment after the installation of a leveling kit. … Many leveling kits include the components to do this. Failing to perform a proper alignment will cause poor handling characteristics and lead to premature wear of the tires.

What’s the best lift kit for a Chevy Silverado?

As the owner of a Chevrolet Silverado seeking the best lift kit, below are 10 of the best lift kits for your car.3” Front Leveling Lift Kit. … Wheel Spacer Lift Kit. … Rough Country Lift Kit. … Supreme Suspension Lift Kit. … American Automotive Lift Kit. … MZS Lift Kit. … MotoFab Lift Kit. … KSP 3” Lift Kit.More items…•

Can I put 35 inch tires on my Silverado?

The simple and quick answer: yes, 35-inch tires will fit on a Silverado if you install some form of a lift kit.

How big of tire can I put on my Silverado?

33”In most cases, you can put bigger tires on your truck without a lift. You can fit up to 33” tires on most trucks with no lift required. Other modifications like adjusting the torsion keys, using wheel spacers, cutting fenders, and using leveling kits may be required depending on your truck and tire combination.

What is the best size tire for a 4 inch lift?

35″It’s an excellent kit and the ride is great after the suspension breaks in regardless of what kind of wheel and tire package you run. Personally I would recommend going to a 35″ tire with the 4″ lift kit.

What is the difference between 265 70r17 and 285 70r17?

The larger 285/70R17 tire in the photo above stands over an inch taller and is nearly an inch wider than the 265/70R17 size. … The width of the tread is also a half-inch wider. Many late-model domestic trucks accept this difference in size.

What is the biggest tire for a stock Silverado 1500?

You might be able to squeeze 32” tires under there if you stay with the factory width but you are really limiting your options if you don’t level it. The stock tires are generally up to 32″, so he should be able to fit 32″ tires. My 2014 truck came with 275/55R20’s (32″).

Will 285 tires fit my Silverado?

PSA: 285/75 tires WILL fit on 99-06 Silverado 2WD 1500s easily as long as you’ve got a leveling kit. Didn’t have to trim anything, only rubs at full lock. … I could probably get even bigger tires in there with a little trimming.

Can I fit 33s with a 2 inch lift?

A 2 inch lift with correct rims will fit 33s . If you go down a tyre size it will still be all legal and less hassle .

What is the best size tire for a 3 inch lift?

With a 3″ lift you shuold be fine. they’re 285/70/r17’s almost without a doubt. Please keep in mind that 285mm wide tires will rub on stock rims.