Quick Answer: Did Blake Shelton Write Home?

Did Phillip Phillips wrote the song home?

Drew PearsonGreg HoldenHome/Composers.

Who is the original singer of home?

Michael BubléHome (Michael Bublé song)”Home”Songwriter(s)Michael Bublé Alan Chang Amy Foster-GilliesProducer(s)Bob RockMichael Bublé singles chronology”Feeling Good” (2005) “Home” (2005) “Save the Last Dance for Me” (2006)11 more rows

Who originally wrote what hurts the most?

Jeffrey SteeleSteve RobsonWhat Hurts the Most/Composers

What’s the most painful thing in the world?

The full list, in no particular order, is as follows:Shingles.Cluster headaches.Frozen shoulder.Broken bones.Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)Heart attack.Slipped disc.Sickle cell disease.More items…•

Did Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert sing together?

Blake recorded the Michael Bublé song “Home” and had Miranda in on backing vocals. The result was a massive hit. October 2008: Beginning in October of 2008, the “Vice” singer paired up with her boyfriend for the duo’s first joint tour.

Is Michael Buble’s son Noah in remission?

Michael Bublé and wife Luisana Lopilato had a surprising special guest during their latest Instagram Live stream: their 6-year-old son, Noah. In 2016, Noah was diagnosed with liver cancer at 3 years old. Fortunately, he’s since gone into remission.

Who is the actor in the I want to go home commercial?

Jordan MurphyJordan Murphy is an American actor, host, and producer. He has appeared in television commercials for Jardiance, Tracfone, HomeAdvisor, and other products and services….Jordan Murphy (American actor)Jordan MurphyYears active1999 – PresentSpouse(s)Dilyn Cassel (2002–present)2 more rows

Who wrote Blake Shelton song home?

Michael BubléAlan ChangAmy S. FosterHome/Composers

Who sings what hurts the most?

Rascal FlattsWhat Hurts the Most/Artists

What movie is what hurts the most in?

The NotebookRascal Flatts / What Hurts The Most (The Notebook)

Who sings with Blake Shelton in home?

Michael BubléBlake SheltonHome/Artists

What is Michael Buble’s daughter called?

Vida Amber Betty BubléMichael Bublé/Daughters

Who wrote the song Detroit City?

Danny DillMel TillisDetroit City/Composers

Does Michael Buble write his own songs?

Buble said that he was inspired to write more of his own songs such as the single “It’s a Beautiful Day” after receiving a positive response to previous originals like “Haven’t Met You Yet” and “Home.” … “I love writing songs, but the truth is I love doing thoughtful, great covers too,” he said.

Are Blake Shelton and Michael Buble friends?

Blake Shelton and Michael Bublè have been friends for years, but that doesn’t mean the country singer wasn’t nervous about asking the Canadian crooner for a favor. The two became close after The Voice judge had a hit with Bublè’s song “Home” in 2008.

What is Michael Buble’s net worth?

What is Michael Bublé’s net worth? Michael Bublé is reported to have an estimated net worth of $60 million (£48m), according to Celebrity Net Worth.