Quick Answer: What Does The J Mean On Wheels?

How do you know if tires will fit rims?

How to Tell Whether Tires Will Fit on RimsMeasure the rims.

Determine whether the new tires you want will fit your vehicle and whether they are appropriate for the kind of driving you do.

Check the inter-hole diameter of your tires and make sure it conforms to the diameter of the rims.

Get the tire’s rim width recommendations.More items….

What does et 37 mean?

Offset is stamped on a wheel as an ET value, which refers to the German phrase “Einpress Tiefe.” ET indicates the distance between the mounting surface and the geometric centre of the wheel (the symmetry axle), usually expressed in millimetres. When the ET value decreases, the alloy wheels will protrude further out.

What does 5.5 J mean on wheels?

rim widthThe width of the wheel is basically the area shown on the photo above and it is measured in inches. In other words, the bigger the number, the “thicker” your wheels are. Also to know, what does 5.5 J mean on wheels? 5.5j is the rim width. its taken into consideration when looking at tyres sizes to fit ur ride.

What is J in alloy wheels?

Rim width. … The width of the alloy wheel is denoted by numbers such as 6.5 J, 7 J, 8 J etc, where 6.5 is the width in inches and J is the shape of the rim lip (some alloys have JJ).

How wide is 7.5 J?

Tyre overall rolling diameterRim WidthMinimum tyre widthIdeal tyre width7.0 Inches195 mm205 or 215 mm7.5 Inches205 mm215 or 225 mm8.0 Inches215 mm225 or 235 mm8.5 Inches225 mm235 or 245 mm12 more rows

Does alloy wheels increase mileage?

Alloy wheels are lighter and stronger then the steel wheels and hence do not break easily nor do they reduce the mileage but increase it by around 0.05 kmpl. They also enhance the looks and in some cases make the car look horribly ugly.

What is PCD on a wheel?

The Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) is the diameter of the circle which passes through the centre of all the studs, wheel bolts or wheel rim holes. The easiest way calculate the PCD is as follows: 1) Measure the distance ‘S’ between two adjacent studs from the centre of each hole.

What is my wheel offset?

The offset of a wheel is what locates the tyre and wheel/rim assembly in relation to the suspension. More specifically, it’s the measured distance between the mounting pad (the mounting surface of the wheel) and the center line of the rim. Sometimes It’s used interchangeably with the term “backspace”.

How do I know if rims will fit my car?

The two easiest ways are to check the sticker plate in your car, it should be located inside the driver side door, or look online for the vehicle specifications for your exact make and model. That should tell you the standard rim size.

What does 7.5 J mean on wheels?

The wheels width is usually written beside the flange shape marking – e.g: 7j, 7.5j, 8.0j. The width of the wheel is basically the area shown on the photo above and it is measured in inches. In other words, the bigger the number, the “thicker” your wheels are.

What do the numbers on rims mean?

The first number in the code (e.g., “225”) represents the nominal tire width in millimeters. This is followed by the aspect ratio (e.g.,”70″), which is the height of the sidewall expressed as a percentage of the nominal tire width. … The final number in the code (e.g.,”14″) is the rim size measured in inches.

How wide is 8.5 J?

Equivalency tableRim widthMinimum tyre widthMaximum tyre width8,0 Inches215 mm245 mm8,5 Inches225 mm255 mm9,0 Inches235 mm265 mm9,5 Inches245 mm275 mm12 more rows