What Is Equivalent To A Chevy Equinox?

Do Chevy Equinox have a lot of problems?

Each year, the NHTSA receives hundreds of complaints about the engine in the Chevrolet Equinox; however, none of those complaints have resulted in a recall.

Common complaints related to the Chevy Equinox engine include the smell of gasoline and smoke, fuel pump failure, and excessive oil consumption..

What’s wrong with GMC Terrain?

The GMC Terrain has the most complaints for its early years, with 107 submitted for 2010; 128 for 2011; 72 for 2012; and 46 for 2013. The three biggest problems across all the model years are excessive oil consumption (in 2011), transmission failure (in 2010), and excessive oil consumption again (in 2010).

Are Chevy Equinox and GMC Terrain the same car?

Although the 2020 Chevy Equinox and 2020 GMC Terrain are assembled in the same plant, share similar powertrains, and may even share the same floor space at the dealership, these two compact crossovers from General Motors have more than just daylight separating them. The two compact crossovers have mass appeal.

What cars are comparable to Chevy Equinox?

10 Chevrolet Equinox Competitors to Consider for 2019Ford Escape.GMC Terrain.Honda CR-V.Hyundai Santa Fe.Kia Sorento.Nissan Rogue.Mazda CX-5.Subaru Outback.More items…

How long do Chevy Equinox engines last?

the chevy equinox has been reported to last about 150 – 200,000 miles with proper repair and scheduled maintenance.

Why are used Chevy Equinox so cheap?

One answer to why are Chevy Equinox so cheap? One of the reasons some might call this car cheap is because of the bland design. However, it’s a solid CUV that covers all its bases. It might just be a bit too safe for some people’s tastes.

What is the best Chevy SUV to buy?

Chevrolet SUVs2020 Chevrolet Blazer. … 2020 Chevrolet Equinox. … 2020 Chevrolet Suburban. … 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe. … 2020 Chevrolet Traverse. … 2020 Chevrolet Trax. … 2019 Chevrolet Blazer. … 2019 Chevrolet Equinox. The 2019 Chevrolet Equinox earns a high ranking in the compact SUV class, mostly because of its stellar predicted reliability rating.More items…

Is the GMC terrain better than the Chevy Equinox?

While the Chevrolet Equinox offers value and standard active safety, it falls short with its base 6-speed automatic and old design. The GMC Terrain offers sharper styling, a 9-speed automatic and luxury Denali trim level, giving it the edge here.

Are Chevy Equinox good vehicles?

The 2020 Chevrolet Equinox finishes in the top third of our compact SUV rankings. Although it trails rivals in areas like interior quality and cargo space, it offers stellar fuel economy, capable handling, and easy-to-use tech features. It also earns a perfect predicted reliability rating.

Which is better GMC Acadia or Chevy Equinox?

The Chevrolet Equinox has a little less horsepower than the GMC Acadia. The Chevrolet Equinox has less seating than the GMC Acadia, making the GMC Acadia the better choice, if you need to chauffeur many passengers. The Chevrolet Equinox has significantly less cargo capacity than the GMC Acadia.

Is Buick Envision the same as Chevy Equinox?

Both, the 2018 Buick Envision and the 2018 Chevrolet Equinox offer a powerful and efficient drivetrain along with versatile interior cargo and passenger space….2018 Buick Envision vs 2018 Chevrolet Equinox.2018 Buick EnvisionVersus2018 Chevrolet Equinox2.5L 4 CylinderStandard Engine1.5L Turbo 4-Cylinder197 HP/ 192 LB-FTHorsepower/ Torque170 HP/ 203 LB-FT2 more rows

What is the GMC equivalent to the Chevy Equinox?

The 2020 Chevy Equinox and 2020 GMC Terrain are both equipped with sturdy engines ready to go the distance. The 2020 GMC Terrain offers 26 MPG in the city and 30 MPG on the highway.

How reliable is a Chevy Equinox?

The Chevrolet Equinox Reliability Rating is 3.5 out of 5.0, which ranks it 23rd out of 26 for compact SUVs. The average annual repair cost is $537 which means it has lower than average ownership costs.

Which SUV is better GMC or Chevy?

This category determines which manufacturer, Chevy or GMC, has better performance across its truck and SUV lineup. … GMC’s five models average out to a performance score of 8.08 out of a possible 10 points, and Chevy’s eight models average out to 7.95 on that same scale.

Do Chevy Equinox hold their value?

As you can see, whether or not a Chevy Equinox holds its value depends heavily on the specific owner. However, we do have some stats we can fall back on. According to data from UsedFirst.com, a Chevy Equinox loses roughly 10% of its value per year. Except for the first year, where it goes down nearly 30%.

What is the best year for Chevy Equinox?

Chevrolet Equinox Reliability by Model GenerationYear and Model% of Average Repair Frequency2012 – 2017 Chevrolet EquinoxBest 102% Worst2012 – 2017 Chevrolet Equinox2010 – 2011 Chevrolet EquinoxBest 133% Worst2010 – 2011 Chevrolet Equinox3 more rows

Do Chevy Equinox have engine problems?

Engine Problems with the Chevy Equinox 2.4 L Engine The Chevy first as well as second generation Equinox have a 2.4-liter engine. … Therefore, all of the cars equipped with this engine are potentially open to experiencing the same engine troubles. The complaint of excessive oil consumption seems to be the biggest issue.