What Is The Bolt Pattern For A 2009 Honda Civic?

What is the bolt pattern for a Honda Civic?

5x114the bolt pattern on the 2018 honda civic is 5×114..

Will Nissan rims fit a Honda?

Honda wheels will fit on a Nissan using a hub centering ring but Nissan rims won’t fit on a Honda because the nissan hub size is smaller than Hondas.

What size tires does a 2009 Honda Civic have?

Honda Civic 2009 1.8iTire195/65R15 89H2.1 / 2OE205/55R16 89H2.2OE225/50R16 91V2.1225/45R17 89V2.3Aug 20, 2020

Can BMW rims fit on a Honda?

Now, in the case of putting BMW rims on a Honda… well, that’s OT but won’t work either since the rim won’t center in the hub (the bore is now too big) and the studs won’t fit in the holes (that are beveled to center the rims).

Are wobble bolts safe?

This is actually far safer than using OE bolts with non-standard PCD alloys. The PCD variation bolts have some limitations though. They can only be used for small corrections. The most common applications are 98 PCD to 100 PCD and 112 PCD to 114.3 PCD.

What does 114.3 mean?

Answered August 7, 2017. 100/114.3 indicates the PCD (pitch circle diameter; a circle that passes through rim tightening bolts centre) and 5 indicates the no of bolts used for tightening the rim on wheel hub.

Will a 4×100 fit a 4×114?

Registered. 4×100 will not fit 4×114 lug pattern.. i tried swapping tires/rims w/ my altima friend, did not work…

Does 5×115 fit 5×114 3?

If you take a wheel with a 5×115 bolt pattern it will fit a car with 5×114. 3 and vice versa. As long as you get hubcentric rings you should be fine.

What cars are 5×114 3?

Bolt pattern 5×114. 3Acura (18) CDX CL CL Type-S CSX ILX Integra Integra Type-R Legend MDX NSX RDX RL RSX TL TLX TLX-L TSX Vigor.Alpine (1) A110.Aston Martin (8) Bulldog DB9 DBS DBS Superleggera V12 Zagato V8 Vantage Vantage Virage.BAIC (3) BJ20 M60 MZ45.BYD (9) … Baojun (5) … Changan (7) … Changhe (1)More items…•

Do Honda and Toyota have the same bolt pattern?

All Honda vehicles with 4×100 bolt patterns have the hub size of 56.1 mm. All Toyota vehicles with 4×100 bolt patterns have the hub size of 54.1 mm. In fact, Toyota hubs are amongst the smallest (all Toyota vehciles with 5×114.

Are all Subaru rims interchangeable?

The wheels themselves should fit, but the stock tire for the new WRX is about 6% larger than the ’96 Impreza. You’ll have to find a different size tire that’s close to the same diameter of your stock tires. Go to http://www.1010tires.com/tiresizecalculator.asp to compare tire sizes.

What is a hub centric ring?

What are they? Hub Centric Rings fit in the center bore of the wheel and over the hub pilot on the axle. They fill the gap between the two surfaces. The rings can be made from metal or plastic.

What wheels from other vehicles will fit your car?

Typically, you can swap your rim with the one from another vehicle. However, this depends on several factors such as the size (diameter and width), center bore, offset, and bolt pattern on the respective rims. Overall, both sides should have matching features.

What size rims are on a 2009 Honda Civic?

Honda Civic Coupe / Sedan 2009, 16″ Black Steel Factory Wheel by Replace®. Size: 16″ x 6.5″. Bolt Pattern: 5 x 115mm. Offset: 45mm.

Is 4×100 the same as 4×114 3?

Re: Difference between 4×100 and 4×114.3? ( It’s actually the diameter of a circle drawn through all the bolts (you can’t measure diagonal distance on 5-lug hubs, it’s a circle drawn through the bolts). 4×114. 3 (4×4. 5″) has a larger circle than 4×100.

What vehicles have 5×115 bolt pattern?


What size are Honda Civic wheels?

Wheel Configuration ReferenceVehicle Make & ModelYear RangeWheel Size RangeHonda Civic All Except Si2006 to 2015(16×6.5) to (19×8.5)Honda Civic Si2006 to 2015(17×7) to (19×8.5)Honda Civic All Except Si / Type R2016 to 2020(16×7) to (19×8.5)Honda Civic Si2017 to 2020(18×8) to (20×9)5 more rows

Will Honda Accord rims fit a Civic?

The simplest answer to this question is: it depends. The years of each vehicle vary slightly in the number of lugs as well as the pattern of the bolts. For example, the wheels from a 2003 Honda Accord will fit on a 2006 Honda Civic but not a 2005.

What cars have a 114.3 bolt pattern?

5×114.3, also known as 5×4.5 is a very common bolt pattern used on many Honda, Nissan, Infiniti, Lexus, Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, and more. 5×114.3 wheels are available in 14″, 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″ and 20″ diameters in a wide range of widths and offsets to fit just about any car, SUV or light truck on the road.

Is 114.3 and 115 the same?

Now the 114.3 vs 115 argument, there is a full . 028″ diameter difference which means that each stud would have to flex . 014″ of an inch…..that’s a LOT. To put that into perspective when you torque your lug nuts you stretch the wheel stud .

Will a 5×115 fit a 5 lug universal?

5, 5×100, 5×115, etc. There is no universal wheel that will fit all of those. You need to find one that’s got 5×4. 25 or 5×108, they’re the same size, but one is in metric.