What Size Tire Is A 305 70r18?

How tall is a 315 70r18 tire?

315/70R18 tires have a diameter of 35.4″, a section width of 12.4″, and a wheel diameter of 18″.

The circumference is 111.0″ and they have 571 revolutions per mile..

How big is a 305 55r20 tire?

Plus Sizes305/55-2035/12.5-20Diameter inches (mm)33.21 (843.5)35.02 (889.6)Width inches (mm)12.01 (305)12.52 (318)Circum. inches (mm)104.33 (2649.93)110.03 (2794.76)Sidewall Height inches (mm)6.6 (167.75)7.51 (190.8)1 more row

What size tire is a 33 12.50 20?

Plus Sizes275/55-2033/12.5-20Diameter inches (mm)31.91 (810.5)33.02 (838.72)Width inches (mm)10.83 (275)12.52 (318)Circum. inches (mm)100.25 (2546.26)103.74 (2634.92)Sidewall Height inches (mm)5.95 (151.25)6.51 (165.36)1 more row

What size is a 305 70 16 tire?

Plus Sizes265/75-16305/70-16Diameter inches (mm)31.65 (803.9)32.81 (833.4)Width inches (mm)10.43 (265)12.01 (305)Circum. inches (mm)99.43 (2525.53)103.08 (2618.2)Sidewall Height inches (mm)7.82 (198.75)8.41 (213.5)1 more row

How tall is a 295 70r18 tire?

Plus Sizes275/65-18295/70-18Diameter inches (mm)32.07 (814.7)34.26 (870.2)Width inches (mm)10.83 (275)11.61 (295)Circum. inches (mm)100.77 (2559.46)107.63 (2733.81)Sidewall Height inches (mm)7.04 (178.75)8.13 (206.5)1 more row

How tall is a 35 inch tire?

Most 315 / 70 – 17’s are called 35’s but will measure at 34″ or less. The same is true about a 35 x 12.5 -17, or 35″ tire. It will also usually measure at 34″ or less in use.

Can I use 235 tires instead of 225?

Obviously, you will need a certain kind of tire depending on how you use your vehicle. Due to this, a 235 tire might not be better than a 225 tire, or vice versa, but depending on your situation, one tire might serve you better than the other.

What tire size is a 305?

P-Metric Tire Sizes – P-Metric to Inches Conversion ChartRim SizeP-Metric SizeActual Tire Height16 Inch265/75R1631.6 inches285/75R1632.8 inches305/70R1632.8 inches315/75R1634.6 inches34 more rows

How many inches is a 255 tire?

255 (Tire Width): The tire width is 255 millimeters from sidewall to sidewall or just over ten inches. 45 (Aspect Ratio): The tire’s sidewall is 45% of the tire’s width, which means the sidewall is about 114 millimeters or just over 4 inches.

How do you read a tire size?

The two-digit number after the slash mark in a tire size is the aspect ratio. For example, in a size P215/65 R15 tire, the 65 means that the height is equal to 65% of the tire’s width. The bigger the aspect ratio, the bigger the tire’s sidewall will be.

Which tire is bigger 305 or 33?

If you plug in 275/60/20, you’ll see that they are 33″ diameter tires. 305/55/20 is 0.2″ larger diameter (33.2″).

What size is a 305 50r20?

Terra Grappler G2 305/50R20 Tire SpecsSizeDiameterWidth305/50R20 120S XL BSW 600 A B32.05″12.44″

How tall is a 285 70r18 tire?

Compare with similar itemsThis item Nitto EXO GRAPPLER All- Terrain Radial Tire-285/70-18 127QToyo OPEN COUNTRY M/T All-Terrain Radial Tire – 285/70R18 127QItem Dimensions33.70 x 11.20 x 33.70 inches34.10 x 11.40 x 34.10 inchesItem Weight62.00 lbs69.50 lbsLoad Index127127Rim Size18.00 inches18.00 inches9 more rows

How do you read a tire date code?

The last four digits of this code tell you when your tire was manufactured. The first two numbers indicate what week of the year it was made (out of 52 weeks per year), and the second two numbers represent the year. For example, 5200 would reveal that a tire was manufactured during the 52nd week of the year 2000.

What is a 33 tire equivalent to?

Tire size equivalent chart for 33″, 35″, 37″ or 40″ tires:33″ Tires (+/- 0.50″ in overall diameter)33X950-15285/75-16275/70-1733X10.50-15305/70-16255/75-1733X11.50-15375/55-16285/70-1733X12.50-15305/65-1725 more rows

What size is a 285 75r18?

Open Country M/T 285/75R18 Tire SpecsSizeDiameterWidthLT285/75R18 129/126P E BSW35.1″11.6″

Are 285 tires the same as 33?

first of all you asked if a 285 was a 33. well no, The 285 is actually the width of the tire and the second Number would be the aspect ratio of the width to the sidewall, that combined with the rim size would give you your height.

Do wider tires hurt gas mileage?

For example, larger tires decrease your fuel economy because they are heavier, while smaller tires increase fuel efficiency. … Bigger tires also have a higher rolling resistance than smaller tires which means they require more resistance and effort to get them rolling.