What’S The Difference Between The Equinox LS And LT?

What is the difference between an LS and LT?

Put simply, the LT is a trim above the LS in virtually all Chevy models.

And, while we are proud of our LS offerings, if you’re looking for a Chevy that’s a cut above the rest, then LT trims are often your best bet..

What are the different levels of Chevy Equinox?

2020 CHEVY EQUINOX TRIM LEVELS2020 CHEVY EQUINOX L: $23,800 MSRP. As your entryway to the 2020 Equinox lineup, the L trim level starts at an affordable $23,800 MSRP. … 2020 CHEVY EQUINOX LS: $26,300 MSRP. … 2020 CHEVY EQUINOX LT: $27,500 MSRP. … 2020 CHEVY EQUINOX PREMIER: $31,400 MSRP.

What is LT on equinox?

The Equinox LT starts at $28,695 with the 1.5-liter turbo four-cylinder and front-wheel drive. Additional features on the LT, some of which are optional on the LS, include: High-intensity-discharge headlights. Power driver’s seat.

What does LS engine mean?

Luxury SportOriginally Answered: What does LS stand for on Chevy engines? … LS is the designation for base model (Luxury Sport) where as LT is luxury trim. The LS family (1–9) are GMs standard small blocks created as a replacement in 1995.

What is the best year for Chevy Equinox?

2008Top Picks – The 2008 Chevy Equinox The first-generation received some significant updates in 2008, making this a good year to watch for. You’ll definitely save some money choosing a vehicle that is more than a decade old, but be mindful of models with the 3.4L engine, as these sometimes had issues with the head gasket.

Does the Chevy Equinox LT have leather seats?

The Chevrolet Equinox seats five people. … Options include leather upholstery, eight-way power-adjustable front seats, heated and ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a heated steering wheel, and driver’s seat memory settings.

How much is a 2020 Chevy Equinox LT?

Chevrolet Equinox LT The Equinox LT starts at $27,500. In addition to the lower trims’ standard features, the LT comes with satellite radio and a power-adjustable driver’s seat. You can add all-wheel drive for $1,600, and you can upgrade to the 2.0-liter turbo-four engine for $2,500.

What is the LT package?

The LT trim level added leather upholstery, tri-zone automatic climate control, foglights, a driver seat memory function, a nine-speaker Bose sound system and a locking rear differential. The optional Luxury Package came with heated front and second-row seats, a power rear liftgate and power folding mirrors.

Why is the Chevy Equinox so cheap?

Scarcity and demand drive everything. Equinoxes are not scarce, and there’s not a ton of demand compared to other vehicles. Thus, low price.

Do Chevy Equinox have a lot of problems?

Each year, the NHTSA receives hundreds of complaints about the engine in the Chevrolet Equinox; however, none of those complaints have resulted in a recall. Common complaints related to the Chevy Equinox engine include the smell of gasoline and smoke, fuel pump failure, and excessive oil consumption.

Is Equinox LS or LT better?

The LT trim has a 2.0L engine vs the 1.5L in the LS. The LT also has upgraded seats and a luggage rack. The LT has five additional safety features over the LS. The LT has upgraded rims and wheels as well as a remote start and heated seats.

Do Chevy Equinox have engine problems?

The complaint of excessive oil consumption seems to be the biggest issue. Other Equinox owners report that their vehicle consumes more than a quart of oil per 1,000 miles. When the time comes for an oil change, the crankcase may be empty. Low engine oil from excessive oil consumption- is a huge cause of a blown engine.