Who Is The Kid In The Super Bowl Commercial 2020?

Who was in the NFL next 100 commercial?

Before kickoff on Sunday, the NFL aired a “NFL 100” commercial to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the league, and it gave people chills — in a good way.

The ad features 12-year-old football prodigy Maxwell “Bunchie” Young, a native of Los Angeles who is already a YouTube sensation..

Who was the old lady in the NFL commercial?

Samantha GordonSam GordonBornSamantha Gordon February 21, 2003 Salt Lake City, UtahNationalityAmericanKnown forAmerican football abilitiesAwardsNFL Game Changer Award (2017)

Who is the blonde kid in the Super Bowl commercial?

Bunchie YoungFootball Prodigy Bunchie Young Is Everyone’s Favorite Thing About Super Bowl LIV.

Who is the boy in the NFL commercial?

NFL 100 Super Bowl Commercial His name is Maxwell “Bunchie” Young. You might not know him yet, but Bunchie represents the next generation of football stars. He’s only 13 years old, but Young’s been in the national spotlight for years.

Who was the boy in the opening of the Super Bowl?

As part of the league’s 100th anniversary celebration, a 12-year-old boy named Maxwell “Bunchie” Young led a group of young kids wearing various NFL jerseys out of the tunnel and to center field.

Who was in take it to the house kid commercial?

Bunchie Young“Take it to the house, kid!” That kid in the “Take it to the house, kid” commercial is Bunchie Young. A 13 year old, who has an offer from the #Illini.