Will A 285 Tire Fit An 8.5 Rim?

Will 285 75r16 fit 16×8 rim?

Yes, many people run 285/75/16 on the stock 16×8 moab wheels.

16×8 is the perfect size wheel for 285/75-16’s I ran race line raptors in that size with 285/75-16 toyos and they did great.

Yes, they fit fine.

Personally, I prefer 16 x 9 wheels for that width tire..

Will a 285 tire fit a 8 inch rim?

A 285 will fit fine on a 8″ wheel. … That will depend on the offset of the wheels, the aspect ratio of the tires, and the amount of lift on your truck.

What size rim do I need for 285 70r17?

The recommended rim width for a 285 tire is 9″. An 8″ rim is a little too narrow.

Can you put a 10.5 tire on a 8 inch rim?

You would have no problem with a 10.5 tire on the 8″ wheel. Not sure what size the stock TJ wheels are, but folks put all the way up to 12.5s on the stock JK wheels which are 7.5″ wide.

Is 275 A wide tire?

275/30, 275/35, and 275/40 tires are all standardized with 9.5″ wide wheels with a diameter of 18/19″. Recommended width range is 9-11″ wide.

Will a 225 tire fit a 8.5 rim?

225 on an 8.5 inch wide wheel is unsafe and not recommended. 235 is the minimum. Your tire manufacturer’s website, as well as tirerack.com, will list approved rims widths for each tire. 225 on an 8.5 inch wide wheel is unsafe and not recommended.

Can 265 tires fit 8.5 rim?

You can mount 265 35 tires on your 8.5″ wheels. I have seen wider tires being mounted on narrower wheels. You should be fine as long as long as the tires are not rubbing the suspension. Some 265 35 tires are wider than others.

Will a 315 tire fit on a 9 inch rim?

315 Nittos on a 17×9 wheel are fine. Any Nitto. Alot of people will say you can’t run a tire that big on that wheel but those people don’t have experience with Nitto’s tire sizing. … The 315 Nittos on a 17×9 wheel will look like a 275 on a 17×8 wheel.

What size tire fits a 8.5 rim?

Equivalency tableRim widthMinimum tire widthIdeal tire width8,0 Inches215 mm225 or 235 mm8,5 Inches225 mm235 or 245 mm9,0 Inches235 mm245 or 255 mm9,5 Inches245 mm255 or 265 mm12 more rows

Will a 285 tire fit a 9 inch rim?

The tire manufacturers state that a 285 needs to be on a 9.5.

Can you fit a 275 tire on a 8 inch rim?

If you are looking to use 275 40 17 drag radials on an 8 rim at the track they will be fine.

Will a 235 tire fit an 8.5 rim?

as a rule 235 with an 8.5 is going to give you a somewhat stretched look. however, you’d want to stop here – the more you stretch your tire, the faster the edges of your tire wear compared to the middles of your tires – just asking for trouble. however, 8.5 with a 235 is fine.

Will a 285 tire fit a 10 inch rim?

any tire wider needs a wider wheel. 18″ x 10″ 295/35R18 would be perfect, a 285/35R18 works too.